Who Do Admire Enough to Want Their Autograph?

I’ll go first, because I asked the question. Besides several distant presidents and the likes of Michelangelo, Thomas Edison and Ben Franklin, I am thinking of the more recent past. I doubt if I could ever afford a Shakespeare signature, which is said to be the most rare of any kind. And Jesus never signed anything, to the best of our knowledge. No, I would have to settle for someone else. I’m an artist and gravitate toward certain painters. Over the years, of collecting fine art, I’ve managed to obtain signed works of everyone from Picasso and Marc Chagall to Leroy Neiman and Peter Max, my most recent. But, let’s be more objective. Who is admirable and why would one want their signature or autograph?

We have the right to envy other famous people for what they have accomplished and who they were. We desire a part of them and a signature is something quite personal. If it happens to be on a photo, album, t-shirt, or other specific document, then all the better. It brings us closer to them in a way that allows a cosmic connection, while providing a degree of satisfaction. Which brings me back to the main question.

Some former presidents come to mind. I loved Kennedy until that fateful day in Dallas. Many TV stars were my heroes, like Rod Serling for his writing and anyone on Star Trek, but they were just actors. I loved the Beatles and Billy Joel, for their amazing writing and music. I think highly of any inventor and other creative individuals. In the business world, there is Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Warren Buffet, to name a few movers and shakers that have altered the corporate landscape.

We have our share of prolific writers like Stephen King, Tom Clancy, and Dean Koontz. Yet there are so many to worthy to choose from, where do you begin? Neil Armstrong who was the first to walk on the moon or perhaps Prince Charles, the future King of England? On a personal level, my wife treasures a book signed by Eleanor Roosevelt. I have a personal letter from Salvador’s Dali’s secretary while he was staying in New York and a signed photo. I also have a photo of Robert Redford taken at an event I attended. But I have someone else in mind on the top of my “most admired” list. He was someone that changed America and arguably, the world. His vision, creativity, and passion was to affect children and families for decades to come. It began with a mouse featured in a movie named Steamboat Willy in 1928 and the rest is history.

Walt Disney made animated movies and redesigned the American theme park. Today there is barely a man, woman, or child on this planet that hasn’t seen part of his legacy. Whether it’s an image of Mickey Mouse, one of the many Disney-Lands, toys, pictures, or TV shows, his stamp is everywhere. I sought out something special of his that could not be faked or duplicated. Today, I own a check he signed in 1963 out of his Anaheim bank account while he was building Disney World. It was authenticated by Phil Sears, a noted collector and verifier of Disney memorabilia. It makes me smile every time I look at it, just to remember the joy that Walt brought, and still brings, to millions.

I may buy a few other autographs of other influential people, but none will be as special. So, was it worth the expensive and effort? I’ll say yes for myself without any regrets. Walt passed away in December of 1966 at the relatively young age of 65. That check is and was part of his legacy because it helped fund his many projects. But enough about my collection.

Who would you love to connect with via a signature or autograph? Who is a hero or heroine to you? What part of their legacy or successes would you like to share by way of a signature? Even if they passed away, you could probably still obtain one like I did. The Internet is a great resource with dozens of legitimate businesses that specialize in that subject. By the way, if you like my articles and have followed my career, I’d be more than happy to send you my signature, although I wouldn’t count on it going up in value any time soon.

Angola – A Beautiful Country

Angola, located in south-central Africa is a destination with beautiful landscape immersed in shades of history. Even though Angola was involved in a very long civil war for 27 years, the past decade has seen tremendous efforts to rebuild the country. Through economic revival and tourism development, this nation is slowly inching towards prosperity. Angola has not yet made a very solid mark on the global map, but there are many things that can be done in Angola.

Over the past few years, Angola has prospered in various different ways. The beautiful landscape of Angola, such as Cabinda, Benguela, Bengo, Cabinda and many other provinces of Angola has helped in economic revival through tourism development. The charm and richness of Angola lies in the fact that the landscape and the buildings are deep rooted in history. Photos of Angola are breathtakingly beautiful and attract large number of tourists. As a tourist and visitor, Angola has a lot to offer. The rich flora and fauna of this country has brought nature lovers to its National parks such as Cameia and Iona. In addition to enjoying landscape and natural beauty, tourists can enjoy the rich musical legacy and of course the beauty of Angola. The traditional music of Angola is a fusion between African beats and Caribbean music. One can also find beautiful traditional handicrafts in Angola and pictures of Angola are spread everywhere, for you to get a small taste of the country.

As Angola was under Portuguese rule for a long time, the present country reflects a beautiful blend of African traditions with the Portuguese culture. As tourism in Angola is developing, the places to visit are not crowded or cluttered. Hence, it becomes the perfect destination for a peaceful and quite holiday.

In addition to being a growing tourism hub, Angola has much else to offer. There has been a rapid increase in investments in Angola, especially in sectors like oil, minerals, diamonds and agriculture. Luanda, the capital city of Angola has become a commercial centre of Africa and acts as a link between the East and the West. Even though oil and diamonds are the sectors that are prospering, the agriculture sector too is expected to take off and attract foreign investments in the near future. Products like tobacco, vegetables and sugarcane are already exported from Angola to different parts of the world. Apart from diamonds, this country also has rich mines of other gems and iron ore. There is a vast potential for investment in Angola in all these industries and to exploit the full potential of the country. With a high rate of development, Angola has become the fourth fastest growing economy in the world and it has shown sustainable growth in the past 6 years. The government of Angola has ensured that the infrastructural and regulatory climate is conducive to attract investment in Angola and now all the conditions are gathered to welcome travellers, photographers and investors from all over the world.

West Virginia: A Blend of Culture, Art, And Natural Beauties

Enjoy the Endless Fun Events and Activities: Being bordered by five other states, West Virginia is situated in the Appalachian and southeastern region of the United States. This state was formed by breaking away from another state named Virginia during the American Civil War. This is the only state that formed by splitting from a Confederate state and one of only two states that was shaped during the Civil War. In this sense, this state has some interesting historical value. This state is important for its historical coal mining and logging industries, prosperous labor and political history, and diverse ecology and mountainous settings. It is one of the aspired tourist spots with its endless beautiful green forest coverings, rugged mountainous areas, beautiful landscapes, and year-long outdoor activities. The azure blue sky and the green-carpeted earth surface have made it a place that can offer endless fun events and activities. Museums, art centers, shopping malls, restaurants, parks, as well as wonderful natural scenarios have contributed to its touristic centralization.

Array of Cultural, Artistic, and Historical Legacy: One of the main attractions of West Virginia lies in the way it displays its cultural, artistic, and historical legacy. The city Charleston is a place where several art and cultural centers are to be found. These centers have been playing the role of flaunting the best of West Virginian cultures and arts. The West Virginia Cultural Center is situated in this city. This center houses the West Virginia State Museum and showcases the historical legacy by conserving the historical records, archives, and a library completely dedicated to history of the state. It has a gift shop for the visitors and holds a venue for arranging cultural events, performances, and other related programs. The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences is another venue, which presents the province’s cultural legacy. This comparatively modern, three level complex has been established for bringing the enterprises of sciences, performing arts, and visual arts under one single roof. There are thirteen monuments, statues, and memorials built-in the Capitol Complex’s grounds for honoring the renowned West Virginians for their great contributions to the state. For celebrating festival, people can join West Virginia Black Walnut Festival. This festival is held annually and is appealing to everybody. Agricultural products, canned goods, flowers, everything is exhibited in this outstanding celebration. The true colors of the province can be found from these celebrations and cultural and historical representations.

Magnificent Landscape Beauty: The landscape beauty of West Virginia is also a thing of great tourist attraction. For enjoying the diversity of geographical splendor, tourists can visit the Potomac Highlands situated in the eastern part of the state. Here is situated the Tygart Valley which serves a scenic ride of the whole area through the railroad. Here is also the historic depot and rail yard that appease the touristic interest. Here is the Seneca Rocks, which is a Mecca for open-air sports buffs. There are several trails that offer hiking, horseback riding, biking, etc. There are also picnic areas and opportunities of watching wildlife. The Canaan Valley has parks and ski resorts and has all the arrangements for the tourists to try all kinds of natural sports. Big Mountain Country is another interesting place that offers sights of steam-powered railroads, observatories related to astronomy, and most of the outdoor sports and activities. In fact, West Virginia is a gold mine for tourists. He, who is really enthusiastic, can find out the treasures it has to offer.