The Changing Landscape of Business Travel

The ongoing global economic downturn has affected nearly all major industries but the effect has been particularly devastating on the global airline industry which has been grappling with various woes like rising fuel costs, falling revenues and rapidly diminishing demand especially in the premium class of travel. In a recent forecast, the International Air Transport Association director general and CEO Giovanni Bisignani, estimated that global airlines would face a 12 percent decline in revenues for 2009.

These airline industry woes have affected all airlines and both the legacy carriers as well as the low cost carriers have had to deal with this changing global economic scenario. While several low cost carriers like the all business class transatlantic services, EOS, Silverjet and Maxjet have simply shut shop and disappeared into oblivion whereas many airlines have even dropped certain routes or reduced the frequency of service to certain destinations in order to combat revenue losses.

Business travel which is usually associated with the premium cabins of airlines has been especially badly affected by the recession as companies all over the world have gone into cost cutting mode and have eliminated or altered their business travel programs in keeping with their new conservation mantra. A recent survey by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives found that more than 70% of corporations were in the process of cutting down on travel budgets by 10% to 20% this year. Additionally, companies such as AT&T have reportedly reduced business travel by 15% through the use of video conferences and web meetings while consulting giant, Accenture has begun the process of setting a network of video conferencing rooms at its various locations worldwide in an effort to limit business travel.

However in spite of all this, the general consensus seems to be that business travel is extremely essential to the conduct of regular business and cannot be done away entirely with especially in situations that demand interpersonal interaction across international borders or require specialized training which needs to be imparted. Some companies do in fact realize this and are currently leaning on their travel departments to control costs by procuring the best airline and hotel deals for their executives who need to make these essential business trips.

Airlines also realize that these business class travelers are their primary source of revenue and profit and need to be retained at any cost. In order to fill their planes and retain custom they have resorted to offering fantastic discounts on tickets for their cabins located in the front of the aircraft. Recently British Airways had a 2-for-1 sale on business-class seats from the United States to London for travel between June 1st and October 31st 2009. This offer was soon followed by similar sales from airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines and Continental.

Buying a Home in Westminster

The city of Westminster is centrally located in the Denver metropolitan area. Its easy access to amenities in both Denver and Boulder really coax investors into buying a home in Westminster. The eclectic region is also the center of attention because it possesses a variety of natural landscapes including mountainous views, rolling hills, flat plains and plateaus. Westminster is known as the city of choice for over 100,000 residents who are fortunate enough to utilize numerous major highways, corporate businesses, and beautiful housing.


What’s the point of buying a home in Westminster if you are unaware of the exciting activities the city offers? Any resident can confirm there are an endless number of activities to do here. First of all, it is the place to be if you value the arts. You can witness live theatrical performances or take informative tours in one of Westminster’s museums. Even the intellectuals have their own nook. College Hill Library is a great place to study or hold conferences in comfortable settings. Westminster thrives on its outdoor activities. You can take pleasure in the mountainous settings encircling the Legacy Ridge Golf Course or greenery near the Heritage Golf Course. Nothing is better than playing your favorite sport in the midst of the breathtaking wonders nature carries. You may even want to combine the pleasures of entertainment and the great outdoors by taking the family to Westminster Promenade where everyone can bask in the city’s pleasant setting while witnessing some of the best amusements.

Open Landscape:

Living in Westminster’s open environment will leave you free to roam the town’s sublime venues or adore nature’s beauty from the comfort of your own home. Being close to the natural environment of this town will enable you to experience firsthand the smallest benefits of buying a home in Westminster. These peaceful domains are rich with fresh air and mountainous lands exemplifying the splendor of the town. A spacious single family residence or townhouse could work wonders for you in this type of setting.

Residential Neighborhood:

If you would much rather be in a sociable environment, there are plenty of admirable subdivisions that will provide you with the advantages of living near friendly neighbors. You are encouraged to invest in an apartment, condo, luxury home, or even a vacant space in an office building that will give you security in a close-knit community. Westminster’s residential area is equipped with the finest schools, transportation, restaurants, shops, and other services to cater to your needs.

Buying a home in Westminster can certainly enliven your lifestyle with modernized features near the best landscapes that nature has to offer. Come and look at what could be your property today!

AI Maha Desert Hotels – Luxury in a Desert

Al Maha Desert is a part of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which is country’s first national park. This desert region takes pride in being the home to an impressive herd of rare Oryx. This rare species were becoming extinct around 50 years ago, and the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve took into its hand to save these gazelle-like creatures, the natives of UAE. Now, breeding is done and they are reintroduced into the wild. Today, Al Maha charm attracts number of tourists, for a unique experience with nature. It is one of those destinations, which leaves one spellbound. The reserve is spread out on 225 square kilometers area of pristine desert landscape, and makes for a holiday to remember. One cannot but overlook the panoramic views of Hazar Mountains and charm pervading throughout the place.

Hotels in Al Maha Desert provide with a luxurious and pleasant stay. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa is the world’s most pleasant oasis located 45 km from the city of Dubai. Amidst the mountains and surrounding dunes, the tourists have experience of a lifetime. Visit the resort, which bestows its guests with a quality environment wherein all your mind, body and soul are refreshed. The resort is world famous and rub’s shoulders with some of the best hotel properties and even has been a winner of National Geographic’s 2004 World Legacy Award for nature travel. It offers a luxurious way to be with nature. One of the elite hotels is a 42-suite luxurious hideaway located in the heart of the desert. Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa allows visitors to stay overnight in the reserve and is the only one resort which does so. The place is perfect to experience the magical beauty of the desert. The resort lets you live the true feel of Arabia, offering a unique desert life experience.

Hotels in Al Maha Desert Resort was conceived and developed by Dubai genius Sheikh Ahmed who as the Chairman of Emirates Airlines. He has made every effort required to make it one of the most beautiful places in Dubai. Very few people leave disappointed, as the resort boasts of excellent facilities, services, and ambience all around. This luxurious resort near the Dubai city is attracting most of the visitors in the city. Everything from the ambience to food and service is perfect, with some of interesting activities on offer. One can enjoy the activities such as falconry, camel riding and archery. A stay for a couple of nights at the resort offer a much-needed antidote to city’s relentlessly fast pace.

Suites at the resort are adorned with fabulous amenities and give an opportunity of living in a heaven even in the desert. In addition, every suite, one will find a wildlife field guide who will let you know the success story of the desert conservation program. The romantic ambience can be seen excelling when the guests start on the sunset camel ride. And relaxing in the plunge pool of the Hotels in Al Maha Desert Resort is an unmatched experience. You will have the same enthrallment while roaming in desert landscape where beautiful white Oryx keep wandering in search for the food. The stunning environment of the place demands a visit whenever one comes visiting Dubai.